Retro Gaming @ Your Library

Teen tech Week is here! and according to YALSA this year’s theme encourages libraries to throw open their physical and virtual doors to teens and showcase the outstanding technology they offer.

What is your library doing for Teen Tech Week? We invite you to share the awesome programs, displays, and/or contests that are taking place @ your library.

Here at the Ontario City Library, we decided to go back through time and recognize how technology has influenced the world of gaming and treat them to a day of “Retro Gaming” by introducing them to consoles from the ancient times (according to some of the teens).

Atari (1980), Nintendo (1985), and Sega Genesis (1988),  were all made available for teens to play with as well as some of the more popular systems that are now considered old; Playstation 1 (1994), Nintendo 64 (1996), and Xbox (2001).

Lastly we had two stations setup with the newest gaming systems to showcase the difference in graphics, size, and wires (or lack of them) with the Xbox 360 Kinect (2010) and Wii (2006). The idea behind this was so that teens could see how technology has evolved and influenced the gaming industry – especially in the last 10 years where the different major gaming companies introduced 2 to 3 newer models of their console (PS 1, 2, 3 – N64,Gamecube, Wii – Xbox, Xbox 360, Kinect). And that isn’t even going into the handheld gaming consoles like the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

Overall, the teens had a blast in the program and I got to reminisce about my gaming days as a kid as well. A win-win! This is also a great way to spin-off an already existing Game Day you might have at your library. Most systems were obtained through staff members with a few provided by myself or through friends. Remember that your acquaintances are your best resource for this kind of programming. Other resources are local video game stores which many times rent out their gaming systems (not chains like GameStop or EB Games, they only carry newer stuff, N64 probably being their oldest). Overall, if you have fun doing this then the teens will have fun as well 🙂

If you have any questions about this program feel free to comment through this blog, or contact me via the information provided.

Lastly, as this ties in perfectly with the theme for teen tech week make sure you check out to obtain some awesome materials and start geeking your library by making them aware of the services you provide. 

Edwin Rodarte


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