Letters to save California Library Funding

State budget subcommittee meetings are fast approaching (Senate on April 19th, Assembly on May 9th), and we need to let the subcommittee members know how important it is to restore funding for libraries in this year’s budget. You can read more here. So far they’ve only received about 50 letters, which is not nearly enough. We need to flood those offices with mail, and the way the legislature works, snail mail, faxes and phone calls carry more weight than emails.

Please take the time to send letters! We’re getting hit with a double whammy, because the cuts to state funding jeopardize our ability to get federal funding as well, and the impact will be huge. You don’t need to look any further than Infopeople, which is funded by an LSTA grant, to understand the potential loss to California libraries if funding is not restored, and we all know what the impact will be on our own libraries if we lose both state and federal funding. I know writing letters can be time consuming and it’s sometimes hard to mobilize even well-meaning people to do that. To make it really easy for my busy friends and family, I cobbled together a document with letters pre-addressed to all the subcommittee members, ready to print, sign and send. I’m attaching the PDF here – feel free to use it. I’ve also attached an editable version of the document if you prefer to add your own thoughts or stories, or you can write your own letter. The important thing is to get as many letters to our legislators as possible.

It would be great if you could also get the word out through Facebook, Twitter, or however you keep in touch with your larger network of friends, family and colleagues. Make sure to share the attached documents.

SaveCaliforniaLibraryFunding (PDF)
SaveCaliforniaLibraryFunding (Word)


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