Fun and Easy Crafts for Summer Reading

This month’s entry is from Deidra Tillett from Upland City Library.

With a theme like “Own the Night” we can interpret it many ways. With a tool like Pinterest at our disposal the craft ideas are endless. Here are some fun and simple crafts that can be done for the different programs this summer.

3D Stars

An easy decorating idea is to make three dimensional stars.

– 6” Squares (either origami paper or recycled paper)
– Pencil
– Scissors
– Glue

This is a fun and easy craft that can be used all around your teen space.

Zombie Doll

We all love our zombies! How about zombiefying dolls and action figures?

– Dolls or action figures-(you can find this at your local dollar store)
– Tempera paint & paint brushes
– Scissors
– Markers
– Nail polish (optional)
– Dirt (optional)

You will have to paint your zombies before your program. This will keep the actual time down to just about 20 min. You let the teens use their imagination in how they want to do the clothes and their zombie face. This was is a low cost craft that lets your teens be creative.

Ninja Throwing Stars

We all love duct tape and here is another great use for this amazing material.

This is an easy tutorial that we found on YouTube: 

– Duct tape

That’s it! Follow along with the YouTube tutorial and you will have a great craft for teens.

Monster Eyes

We are doing this craft for our “Things that go bump in the night” program.

It’s a simple craft that will let your teens use their imaginations.

– Ping pong ball
– Exacto knife or box cutter
– Permanent marker
– Tea lights (found at dollar store 3 for a dollar)

The way that we did this craft here was we cut an “x” into the ping pong ball before  you give to the  teens. Let the teens create any scary image or eyeball that they want using permanent marker (you can use washable marker but colors aren’t as bold). You then put the ball onto your tea light and it lights up.

A lot of the ideas that we are using here at the Upland Public Library were found on Pinterest. There are some great ideas for all year round as well as for this summer. You can check out both my board and the Teen Programming in Libraries board on Pinterest.


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