Tech meets fashion!

This entry is submitted by Edwin Rodarte from the Ontario City Library.

Have you been looking for a craft to attract the alternative teens at your library, show off a little, and geek out all at the same time? Then this is the craft for you!

I came across this craft while browsing which contains step by step instructions of crafts, hobbies, and some other very unique ideas. I adapted it to make it a bit more affordable.

This craft combines duct tape, LED lights, and a small lesson in electric conductivity to create some awesome and fashionable bracelets also known as BraceLEDs. These bracelets are not only visually appealing but also gender friendly. An added bonus is the technology aspect that is introduced, attracting the more techie teens. One thing to keep in mind is that this craft is by no means easy but if done correctly you will end up with an awesome LED bracelet that will wow your teens.

So what do you need for such a craft?

  • Duct tape of any color (the more choices the better) – $3.99 a roll
  • Aluminum Foil – $0.99
  • Double Sided Tape – $0.99
  • 5mm LED lights (about 5 per bracelet) – $15 for 100 in Amazon
  • Button shaped batteries (models 2032 or 2450) – $8.50 for 20 in Amazon
  • Velcro dots or squares – $2.00 in Walmart
  • Total Cost for 20 teens: about $1.75 per bracelet

Tools you need:

  • Scissors

STEP 1: Lay two pieces of duct tape against one another. This will create the base of your bracelet. Make sure that the length of it is sufficient to go around your wrist and clasp.





STEP 2: Place a strip of double-sided tape at the top of the bracelet and another one just below the first strip of tape. You should end up with two stripes of tape in the same side of the bracelet.

STEP 3: Take the LED light’s and bend the connectors flat in an L shape pattern. Lay them flat on top of the two double-sided strips of tape. Note: Make sure that all the positive connectors are on one side of the bracelet, and all the negative connectors are on the other. (These can be differentiated by length. If unsure, test them out with a battery)

STEP 4: Cut two long strips of aluminum foil in an L pattern. Place the foil on top of the LED lights. The double-sided tape should hold in place the aluminum foil. Fold the leftover aluminum foil under the bracelet for one side and over the bracelet for the opposite side. Make sure that each of the sides do not touch one another.

STEP 5: Cut a strip of duct tape of another color to cover the aluminum foil. Do this for both sides of the bracelet.

STEP 6: At this point you should have two small strips of aluminum foil left over. Use these to test out the bracelet with the battery.

STEP 7: Place the Velcro circles at the end of the bracelets so that they may work as a clasp.

STEP 8: Tape down the battery on top of the aluminum foil.





Voila! You should now have a battery operated LED bracelet. These can be used to show off, in dances, at a glow party, or at any other night activity. If you have questions or comments about the craft, do let me know. Some problems that I came across was the fact that some LED’s where not working so please test them out with a battery before giving them to your teens.






The original idea with instructions can be found here:


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